About Brainchild


brain·child, n. (ˈbrānˌCHīld/) 
A creation, original idea, or innovation, usually used to indicate the originators.

The mission of Brainchild Events is to create events that promote, education, and entertain.

Brainchild is a full-service event management boutique firm that is the forefront of event marketing and event concept development, producing events such as fashion shows, charity galas, concerts, brand launches, and grand openings.  A special focus is on “event infusions” that incorporate ideas and concepts within a festival, event week or single event.

Carter’s mission as an event producer has always been the following: “We create event concepts that create a new breed of lifestyles and trends.”

Brainchild Events incorporates the future of fashion, design and entertainment with “Old School” guerrilla marketing. “Every event should be an opportunity to promote a brand as well as educate and entertain your audience. Fashion technology is ever-changing and we want to be ahead of the game with our events,” says Carter.




About Dwight Carter, Event Planner


Owner, Dwight Carter has over 20 years experience in the event production industry. In conjunction with a successful career in the music management and music festival production, Dwight attained a double major in Music Business and Communications. He is an experienced musician turned stylist and event coordinator. After producing a designer competition as part of the Threads 4 Hope Fashion Show in partnership with Mother Model Management, Dwight decided to combine all aspects of his professional career with the formation of Rock Uniform PR.  He then moved on to produce small designer and boutique shows in many bars and event spaces and co-produced the very first runway show for St. Louis Fashion Week (named the Garment District Show).

In 2007, Dwight created the Midwest designer runway show called Project:Design!, “Project:Design! was my way of helping some of my designer friends get exposure. In the six seasons of Project:Design! we have had three designers moving on to Project Runway and shows in other markets including New York Fashion Week and created a buzz for Midwest fashion.”

His first venture, Rock Uniform, became known as the fashion event company of St. Louis and has a profound reputation in the retail and stylist industry.