Know about "The Happy Circle" by SKIF in St. Louis.

An authentic American clothing line designed and produced in St. Louis, Mo., has been dressing the free-spirited, the risk-takers, the heroes for over 20 years. The label respects the beauty in everyone, calling that the Happy Circle of S K I F. Their signature threads are a statement of freedom for the individual who wears them in their own, distinct style.     It is designer Nina Ganci who is behind the internationally successful knitwear line that is sold in well over 300 boutiques.

S K I F was created to provide good clothing and jobs in a city that can be a fashion hub. This is what we do.

Nina Ganci saw a need for her designs on both women and men, deciding to jump as a designer to the fashion world:

“I became a designer because I felt my contribution in women’s wear was needed. I wanted to dress in a style that did not exist. So I created clothing I love to see”

It was easier for her to work in women’s wear first:

“I understand it from the perspective of my own needs. However, now she gets many requests for men to have something “S K I F” for them to wear.


While staying open to new ideas and inspired on Rei Kawakubo and her strong design for men and women, Nina Ganci designs for all season, “because the temperature and colors are no longer regulated,” she explained.

S K I F was present on the previous Gent! Show and is coming back to the runway this year as well.


I see a bridge between men and the clothing that is currently available to them. Some rules have disappeared and I see a need to dress men in a new freeing way that is expressive and super comfortable.