33 Avenue will give St. Louis gents the finishing touch to Dapper

Owner and founder of Avenue 33, Rance Loftsgard, didn't need to move out of the Midwest area to chase his dreams and launch a successfully retailed men's accessories business. Avenue 33 is currently carried in 10 retail stores from Singapore, Springfield and all the way to NYC and will be featured in British GQ this winter. His products will be available at Dappermen, the first holiday market for men in St. Louis on Friday November 17th @6:30 at The Wheelhouse Downtown.

"I truly love any event that encourages dreamers, designers, and doers that they don't have to go somewhere to create their dream, that right here in the Midwest is the best place to launch your dream, in fashion or really almost any arena!," Loftsgard said.

Inspired by a deep passion to create "artfully inspired, ethically produced accessories," Rance Loftsgard will give the gents of St. Louis the finishing touch to be Dapper.  "I am convinced that my products intentional blending of classics, eccentrics and style can elevate both the expression and confidence of any gentleman no matter his style or leanings," Loftsgard said.

Check out his top pick for the season:


1. Digital Print

"Digital prints are a big current trend, I've designed several pieces what while being in line with this trend are unique and pretty out there.. I am a fan of any piece that allows the Gent to outwardly express their internal creativity and style

Manners Maketh Man; Similarly, I believe Dapper is in the details, the idea of dapper is an outward expression of an inward gentleman, I true gentleman is not defined only by external accessories, rather by what comes from within
— Avenue 33 Neckwear Owner Rance Loftsgard

Join us Friday 6:30pm at @WheelhouseSTL to support the creativity, innovation and artistry of LOCALLY owned businesses and discover what #StLouis has to offer while sipping cocktails and shopping for the holidays!

Dwight Carter