Nick Roberson is ready to show his roots at the Gent!'s Barber Battle

Nick Roberson from MatthewRobert Salon will be doing haircuts that represent his roots of hair design at the Gent!’s Barber Battle. “It's all gritty destroyed looking hair, which is always a blast to cut,” Roberson said.

Roberson finds inspiration through others in the industry. “I like seeing new trends from overseas, especially if it's more on the messy side,” he said.

Roberson is experienced on old school style haircuts. “I've done more old school style haircuts from the get go. I like dirty, grungy looking hair,” he said.


This is how Roberson describes a gentleman’s style. “Gentleman styles to me are very aesthetically clean. Normally my go to haircut is a side part of a gentlemen’s cut is what I'm trying to achieve,” he said.

Surely he will enjoy the Barber Battle and is ready for it.” I love competition, and I love being in a room full of artists that share the same passion as me,” Roberson said.

Dwight Carter