Loyal Collective showcases their designs for the first time ever on Gent!

The story behind our label is ‘from the ground up
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This year’s collection is VERSATILE,.. 

 ..with a mixture of biker and streetwear

Friends since 6th grade,Tim Hughes and Matt Belz, launched Loyal Collective less than a year and half ago and Gent! will be their first designer showcase.

They met while  playing basketball for “The Mavericks” under coach Johny Cage. In fact, their first cut of men’s jeans is called ’The Johnny’ named after their him.

Loyal Collective stands for that,  a tribute to all of the people and events that helped them get here along the way.

Matt and I build this company by being bootstrap funded…to this point, we are completely self- funded. We learned patternmaking and design on our own, made our own connections, sourced our materials and even took sewing lessons" said Tim Hughes.   

Loyal Collective offers designer fit and quality fashions at direct to consumer prices.

Our model cuts out any retail markup…we refuse to work with any retailers. If someone buys directly from us, but there is still a retail markup built in, that’s not cool…we wanted to offer designer quality gear, majority of which is made in the United States, at incredible prices.
We are thrilled to be participating in Gent! Anything that is a St. Louis tradition, we are pumped to be a part of.
Our expectations from Gent are simple: to celebrate the up and coming midwest fashion scene, and have some fun.
Dwight Carter