Get a Dapper scent with South Saint Louis- inspired Chatillon Lux

South Saint Louis- inspired Chatillon Lux carries handcrafted fragrances, aftershaves and balms that tell a history of their own and will be brought to you next November 17 at the first holiday market directed to men in St. Louis, Dappermen. All of the fragrances are inspired in the history of South Saint Louis. Owner and Creative Director, Shawn Maher takes pride in the quality and uniqueness of each fragrance they carry.

“They are uniquely timeless, much like the quirkiness of the enthralling stories that can be found everywhere in this amazing city,” Shawn said. “Additionally, I take great care to pack all of my aftershaves and balms full of skin goodies that nourish and heal, eliminating redness, dryness and irritation so you can put your best face forward”.

If you want to start the holiday season with the right foot and scent, Shawn’s got you covered. These are his top picks for the season:


1. Unconditional Surrender

"It's a scent that turns heads with its sultry, rich allure."

I believe that there is no one right way for a man to be dapper. Style is unique to the wearer, and being dapper comes down to confidence. If you are well groomed with healthy, radiant skin, with a scent that fills you with vigor and makes others take notice, then that makes a man dapper, no matter what it is that he is wearing. That is the most exciting part of style to me: that we all find our unique voice when it comes to how we present ourselves.
— Chatillon Lux Owner and Creative Director Shawn Maher

2. Rose Santal

"Rose Santal is a scent that is blended so that a complex structure smells unified and smooth with a uniqueness that many find very intriguing."

“When it comes to men's grooming, our nourishing products are perfect to ward off the adverse effect of the elements,” he said.

Chatillon Lux's mission is to empower men through their fragrances.

"When someone wants to know what you are wearing because you smell so good that they couldn't help asking, that makes you feel even more confident," he said.  "If people notice you and appreciate your style, then that empowers you do go forward and reach achievements you never thought possible."

Shawn believes Dappermen will allow the men of St. Louis to create their own unique style and express themselves through it.

"I think it is amazing that there is an opportunity for men to go outside the big box retailers and find a niche style that they can call their own," he said. "It is opportunities like this that allow men to find a way to express themselves in their everyday style".

Men from LA to NY are already taking advantage of the wide array of fragrances they have to offer. Come to Dappermen to support local craftsmanship and don't miss the chance to find a fragrance as unique as yourself (or your man)!