May's Place to provide vintage dapper style at Dappermen

May's Place will be set up with a variety of vintage tee's, shirts, jackets, coats, boots and accessories ideal for the gents of St. Louis at Dappermen, the first holiday market for men. Dappermen will take place next Nov. 17 at the Wheelhouse Downtown starting at 6:30 pm.

"I think it's a great opportunity to shop the best St. Louis has to offer under one roof!" May's Place owner, Katie May said. 

May's Place supports the local craftsmen of St. Louis by selling their products at their Lindenwood Park neighborhood store. 

"It's our opinion that the next most sustainable choice is buying local," she said.

May's Place will help the men of St. Louis satisfy their crave for casual fashion during the holiday market. These are Katie's top picks for the season:

mays place stl leather jacket

1. Leather jackets

mays place stl plaid flannel

2. Plaid flannels

To be dapper means to have good style. Part of having good style is choosing unique, quality pieces that reflect your personality and interests.
Our collection of vintage is full of high quality, unique, one of a kind pieces that will surely make you stand out. Whether it’s an old, worn in band tee or a classic leather jacket, there is something for everyone’s taste.
— Katie May
mays place stl
Dwight Carter