Paulie Gibson's GENT! 2017 Collection is...

This season at Gent, you'll be shocked...  Paul gibson described his collection with one word:

That sharp, colorful, & handsomely glamorous man has stripped all the way down. He's calm, confident, and natural. I'm really proud of these clothes and they totally reflect my headspace for spring.  I'm hoping to inspire the gentlemen in the audience. I'm feeling like 2017 is all about effortless or easy style. Looking forward to that.

Last year’s Gent! Counted with Gibson’s SOJOURN collection.

“This collection is called SOJOURN because I feel like I’m only ever in one place for a very short time before I need more inspiration, change of scenery, etc. I’ve had dreams of heading to the middle East lately so I was heavily influenced by the men in that part of the world.”
Paulie Gibson's Gent! 2016

Paulie Gibson's Gent! 2016