How much do you know about Paulie Gibson?

St. Louis Native that has had runway shows in LA, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Omaha and Phoenix Fashion Week. He was also featured on America’s Next Top Model. Paul is a contemporary menswear designer brand sold in higher-end retailers around the world.

I think fashion chose me, honestly. I don’t really feel like I had a choice, it was within me. I just honed the technical skills.

Friends play an inspirational role for Gibson, as well as Gianni Versace.

he’ll forever be the man who won me over as a child. He’s brilliant

Vibrant prints and more saturated colors are often times displayed on his work, as he prefers working with those fabrics.

I have no fear when it comes to fabric

His line offers fashion to men on their late 20s -late 40s:   “creative professionals who are active, travelers who express themselves through their apparel”

Gibson doesn’t take his talent for granted. He recognizes the process has not been easy: “Honestly, I would have to say my greatest victory is being able to design and create. I’ve had quite a tumultuous few years in operation. And there were times I didn’t think I’d ever get through any of it. I think it’s nothing short of a miracle that I’m still here

– creating from my heart as now I am finally free from ridicule, jealousy, and ill intention.”

Gibson says he owes his professional growth to Moxi. “I was lucky to find Moxi early on. The owner, Gregg Garland has definitely helped me become a better human and business minded human. As my mentor, he’s helped me to think outside of the box and make better plans.  That said, early on I had a friend named Michael Abney who was instrumental in getting me started and pushing me to create a brand for myself. I’m grateful to him as well,” he explained.

Gibson graduated from Missouri State University: “I loved fashion illustration with Bradley Ferguson. It was so creative and I literally got to daydream all the time. I;ll always remember that class…”

The emerging designer’s dream is to have a business of his own: “I’d like to have a viable, sustainable, respected menswear business ultimately allowing for me to branch out into women’s, children’s and accessories.”

Currently, Gibson is preparing for this year’s Gent! Show. Get ready to see what he’s got to offer lately.