Max Wilde to showcase designs to a new audience on Pins and Needles

Chicago native fashion designer Carl Mackey is the owner and creator of “Max Wilde”; which he will showcase with a brand new collection on Pins and Needles next August 10th at the Majorette. The meaning behind his brand name is the result of something “special and specific” to him, revolving around his family and himself.

“It incorporates something given to me by my family (the nickname 'Max'), who have been so loving and supportive, and something that was uniquely mine (my middle name, 'Wilde'),” Mackey said. “My most favorites design memories so far are making Halloween costumes for my nieces during their childhood,” he added.

His skills as a fashion designer will be exposed on Pins and Needles, which he thinks of as a “gift” for an emerging designer like himself.

“Each one of these moments is a stepping stone to the fulfillment of my hopes and dreams.  I see my participation in Pins and Needles as part of a successful bio I am writing as I build my brand,” Mackey said.

Mackey expects to be able to network on the fashion industry and expose his “vision” to a new audience on Pins and Needles. “Most of all I expect to celebrate what we do as artists and  enjoy the beautiful creations we bring to the runway,” he said.


That’s how the new “Max Wilde” collection is.  The collection is inspired “by the depth and strength of the ocean”. “Expect volume, flow, luxury, and fun!,” he said.

Mackey offers his customers a positive design experience. “That means forming a partnership to make their vision a reality, actively communicating to make sure that vision is well articulated, and  providing good, responsive counsel when parts of the vision are difficult or not possible,” he said.

Last year he was involved in runway shows and competitions, getting second place on one of them. He also worked with a local team for a fashion fundraiser, the Hishima Kenya Fashion Challenge, to raise money for Kenyan women.




  1.     Volleyball player since 6th grade, played in college, and continues to play in leagues.
  2. Coached  at both the Junior Olympic and collegiate level.
  3.     Enjoys puzzles and board games - his favorite is Pictionary.  
  4.    Favorites design memories so far are making Halloween costumes for his nieces during their childhood.