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A guide to create night out ready outfits for men

Valentine's Day is less than a few days away, but why wait for a special date when you can impress that special someone everyday? Along with prestigious menswear designer Shan Keith, we have prepared a guide to create your own night out ready office outfits for every occasion!

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Marcel Coleman Jr. to bring some "Live LIFE Free" from MTHREEPROJECT to Pins and Needles

Thankful for being able to share himself and his heart, founder and creator of Mthreeproject, Marcel Coleman Jr. will bring some “Live Life Free” to Pins and Needles next August 10 at the Majorette. Drawn by the “life-changing opportunity,” Coleman Jr. got on the road to California just last week “with love, just to be in the presence of God” to get inspiration for this new collection.

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Max Wilde to showcase designs to a new audience on Pins and Needles

Chicago native fashion designer Carl Mackey is the owner and creator of “Max Wilde”; which he will showcase with a brand new collection on Pins and Needles next August 10th at the Majorette.

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