Marcel Coleman Jr. to bring some "Live LIFE Free" from MTHREEPROJECT to Pins and Needles

I design because it’s my purpose to create.
— Marcel Coleman Jr.

Photographer : Dom Shepherd

Model : Lola Jordan

Thankful for being able to share himself and his heart, founder and creator of MTHREEPROJECT, Marcel Coleman Jr. will bring some “Live Life Free” to Pins and Needles next August 10 at the Majorette. Drawn by the “life-changing opportunity,” Coleman Jr. got on the road to California just last week “with love, just to be in the presence of God” to get inspiration for this new collection.

“The opportunity is life-changing.” Coleman Jr. said. “It’s amazing to be a part of something that is a part of the shift in the culture here in St. Louis. The fashion scene is growing tremendously and this show, this experience is a part of the change and healing within our community.”


That’s how he describes the collection he will bring to life the night of the show.  Coleman Jr. found inspiration during his road trip to California and his life:

“Got inspired by the mountains I saw, the colors, the freedom and the forms all related to what I’m creating,” he said. “I love challenges, this collection/series is inspired by where I am in my life—physically and mentally.” His collection is “an experience, created in love, with love and around love”. 

Freedom is precisely what his garments offer to his clients; who enjoy the free feeling inside the garments  they’re able to control and tell a story with it.

Photographer:  Dom Shepherd    Model :  Justis Miller

Photographer: Dom Shepherd

Model : Justis Miller

MTHREEPROJECT is more than design and fabric, it consist of a lifestyle of an individual who knows anything is possible. An optimist, gregarious and a color pusher. From my heart to my hands, LOVE AND PRACTICE is always there. My story bleeds within the seams, my experiences are within the dyes, my heart is traced into the silhouettes.

I want people to take away a sense of understanding and love, allowing them to be present in the moment. I design with intent to speak the truth of my own & the ones around me who can’t always find the right words to say. Most pieces are looser silhouettes and clean lines, evoking a sense of openness, other pieces have a more hands-on approach (hand dyed or hand sewn) giving the ability to access the strength from structure with a foundation of freedom.

Live Life Free is what gives breath to the brand. Live- my ability to go the path that’s been set for me. Life- is my experience from being present in each moment & aware of what it brings (life in color) Free- my freedom-my creativity, my God felt creations—it’s what I want people to walk away knowing that we are free & we’re forever be blooming.
— Founder and creator of MTHREEPROJECT, Marcel Coleman Jr.
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