Pins and Needles 2015 winner, Barbara Bultman is on #KCFW!

Meet the #KCFW Designer: Barbara Bultman of Barbara Bultman Designs!

Designer Barbara Bultman is inspired by things that are all around her and things that effect the world. She is a Saint Louis based designer and every time she begins a new collection she tries to take in everything that she knows to create something that is innovative and will inspire others.

Barbara graduated from Lindenwood University with her BFA in Fashion Design and a minor in Studio Art in May 2015. A few of her accomplishments include winning Designer of the Year at Pins and Needles in 2015 and also at Phoenix Fashion Week of 2016. She will also be opening her own boutique in St. Louis in May 2018. She likes to create pieces that are structural, sophisticated, and detail oriented, while still showing the silhouettes of the female body. She also creates one of a kind jewelry pieces for both men and women. She sees fashion not as labels, but as a way people can express themselves without saying a word.

See her on the Oak Park Mall Runway at Union Station Kansas City Inc. this October!
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