From Nashville, TN, Kat Gaume's "Pretty Grunge" will come to life at Pins and Needles 2017

From Nashville, Tennessee, Kat Gaume, owner and creator of Kat’s Original Designs; will return to St. Louis to compete at the Pins and Needles 9th Annual Designers Competition next August 10th. This talented designer went from creating cosplays for herself during high school to expanding her fashion design skills by interning with Truly Alvarenga and assisting her for the Nashville Fashion Week 2017. In fact, the first time she made a bodysuit was for her customer, EDM vocalist and songwriter, Adara; who performs across the country at festivals and raves.  With her talent and surprising experience, we can't help but be excited to see what this young designer will bring to life in the runway. 

EDM Songriter and vocalist Adara, in a Kat's Original designs bodysuit.

EDM Songriter and vocalist Adara, in a Kat's Original designs bodysuit.

Her love for fashion and sewing started when she was in high school. “I started teaching myself how to sew early in high school so that I could make my own cosplays,” she said. Since then, she started an Etsy store that offers fleece hats, tutus, skirts and accessories.

— Kat Gaume

That’s how she describes the brand new collection “Pretty Grungy” she will present at Pins and Needles. “Expect something different, and something pretty with a razor sharp edge,” she said.

Kat’s Original Designs is for those who want to stand out from the crowd. With every design she makes, she challenges herself to improve her skills.

“Standing out of the crowd is always the goal in mind when I design,” Gaume said. “Every garment, every look, every collection I always challenge myself. I teach myself new things and end up creating astounding garments while perfecting my current skills,” she said.

The brand has managed to keep their customers happy, by providing them with unique design, quality, and fit which “engulfs them with astonishment”. Kat’s Original Designs brings their customers ideas to life, giving their customers the chance to be the designers of their dream outfit.  A big part of her designs include corsets, which surprise many of her customers. “They say ‘ I didn’t think I would look so good in this, and I feel so awesome!’,” she said.





Just enter and worry about it after,
— Truly Alvarenga

Kat has been interning for Truly Alvarenga and helping her with her latest collection who encouraged her to enter the competition.

She has had the opportunity to network with Andrew Clancy of Any Old Iron during Nashville Fashion Week.

“I  had never seen Andrew’s work up close until that night,” Gaume said. “I was amazed by everything he had on that rack and absolutely loved watching his collection walk. His shows are like theatrical performances. He is an incredible designer and person to be around.”

Grateful for the whole Pins and Needles experience, she admits it is a challenge as she feels the pressure of the competition while designing from home.

“Regardless of the end results, I am extremely grateful for the experience,” she said.

Kat expects to network with professionals in the fashion industry and having a good time seeing “hard work being presented on the runway”.

She visited St. Louis during her junior year field trip and is determined to visit the City Museum one more time.

“Regardless of what happens at this show, I am going back to the City Museum. That place is amazing,” Gaum said.