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Hailey Washington returns to Pins and Needles; this time as a designer

From Chicago, Illinois, Hailey Washington returns to Pins and Needles; this time as a designer after being amazed by the competition a few years ago when she watched the show as an attendee. Pins and Needles will return to The Majorette next August 10th and will come to life at 7:30 when Smith II kicks off the show. Hailey devoted her summers to STL Artworks art apprenticeships and SAIC’s Early College - Fashion Construction Program. She recently graduated from Dominican University, where she got a bachelor’s degree on Apparel Design and Graphic Design; and attended the Kent State NYC Fashion Studio program. With internships held previously at Tracy Reese, Cintas and working experience as assistant technical designer; we can’t help but be excited to see her experienced design skills from concept to reality.

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Lindenwood University recent graduate, Raven Pulliam to compete at Pins and Needles 2017

Lindenwood University recent graduate Raven Pulliam from Springfield, Illinois; will compete at Pins and Needles next August 10 at The Majorette. When she was a little girl all she dreamed about was becoming a famous fashion designer. At a young age, she shared her love of fashion with her friends and family. She remembers creating purses and sketching designs in little catalog books she created. She quickly became obsessed with fashion. Today, she still carries that same passion for fashion into her designs. Her recent collections show her astonishing creativity, skill and design aesthetic.

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From Nashville, TN, Kat Gaume's "Pretty Grunge" will come to life at Pins and Needles 2017

From Nashville, Tennessee, Kat Gaume, owner and creator of Kat’s Original Designs; will return to St. Louis to compete at the Pins and Needles 9th Annual Designers Competition next August 10th. This talented designer went from creating cosplays for herself during high school to expanding her fashion design skills by interning with Truly Alvarenga and assisted her for the Nashville Fashion Week 2017. In fact, the first time she made a bodysuit was for her customer, EDM vocalist and songwriter, Adara; who performs across the country at festivals and raves.  With her talent and surprising experience, we can't help but be excited to see what this young designer will bring to life in the runway. 

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