Hailey Washington returns to Pins and Needles; this time as a designer

Hailey Washington, a St. Louis native returns from Chicago to showcase in Pins and Needles.  After attending a Pins and Needles show in 2014 as an attendee, Hailey was amazed and inspired to show in Pins and Needles some day. After multiple submissions, Hailey has finally buckled down to showcase her collection in Pins and Needles. Pins and Needles will return to The Majorette next August 10th and will come to life at 7:30 when Smith II kicks off the show. Art has always been a part of Hailey's life.  She expresses her love for art through fashion. Her summerswere devoted to STL Artworks art apprenticeships and SAIC’s Early College - Fashion Construction Program. She recently graduated from Dominican University, where she studied Apparel Design and Graphic Design; and attended the Kent State NYC Fashion Studio program. With internships previously held at Tracy Reese and Cintas we can’t help but be excited to see her designs transform from concepts to reality.


“I can recall attending my first Pins and Needles show a few years ago and being amazed, and thinking I would love to show,” Hailey said. “Now that I have the opportunity to do so, I am excited, nervous and humbled to have the opportunity”.


That’s how she describes the collection she’s been working on the last couple of weeks for the show; which will be brought to life the night of the show when the design process that consists of “dance routines, countless snacks breaks, tea overloads and some crying” is finally over. Hints of what to expect from her collection include “Texture. Structure. Collages”.

Hailey sees Pins and Needles as an opportunity to grow in her “artistic abilities, professionalism and as a person”. In addition, she expects to gain new opportunities to collaborate with others and explore “different mediums”.

Black & White Looks ( romper and draped white shirt)

Camel Overcoat:



“I expect my designs to go places I’ve never been!”
— Hailey Washington
  • Loves Panera, rice, green tea & M&Ms (yellow bag).
  • Had a bird name Summer, who she trained to roll over.
  • Has a dog named Milkshake