Lindenwood University recent graduate, Raven Pulliam to compete at Pins and Needles 2017

Lindenwood University recent graduate Raven Pulliam from Springfield, Illinois; will compete at Pins and Needles next August 10 at The Majorette. When she was a little girl all she dreamed about was becoming a famous fashion designer. At a young age, she shared her love of fashion with her friends and family. She remembers creating purses and sketching designs in little catalog books she created. She quickly became obsessed with fashion. Today, she still carries that same passion for fashion into her designs. Her recent collections show her astonishing creativity, skill and design aesthetic.

“I was overjoyed about receiving this opportunity,” Pulliam said. “This is the longest running show in the Midwest and to be apart is such an honor”.

— Raven Pulliam

That’s how she describes the brand new collection that will come to life the night of the show. 

“Expect couture, avante-garde pieces with a fun twist,” Pulliam said.


She created this collection at home with her family who motivates her, and whose eye for detail is “remarkable”.

This is her first fashion show outside of college. She expects to get experience, exposure and the opportunity to display her “unique creativity”. To her future clients, she offers “professionalism and excellent craftsmanship”.

Her plans for the future are to work in the fashion design industry in St. Louis for 2-3 years and continue her career on the East or West Coast working for a fashion design house or corporate fashion company.

Believe it or not, this young designer multitasks when designing. “I am a huge Netflix fanatic!,” Pulliam said. “When I design I constantly have a Netflix show playing,” she said.

Raven Pulliam's "Femenine agate"

Raven Pulliam's "Femenine agate"